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You are here because you have an upcoming fresh cut flower delivery and it's time to customize it. Yay!

This is my favourite time of the month! I can't wait to see what you choose. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to brighten your home!

**Please note the pictures shown are NOT always an exact representation. All orders come beautifully wrapped in kraft paper with seasonal ribbon.

Love and Flowers,
Amy Marconi

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Choose from the options below, and optionally purchase an "add on", a one-time additional flower choice should you wish to have another option for your home or one to give as a gift. 

If this is only a customization you're cart total and checkout will be $0, but add-ons are $50.

Please Note: This is only a customization (and optional add-on) for an existing monthly subscription – NOT a standalone product. To get started with a subscription, click here!

Choose Your CustomizationChoose Your CustomizationChoose Your CustomizationChoose Your Customization