Our Story

Amy Marconi

We are on a mission to intentionally bring and spread joy.

Because, life has been hard & times have been tough. I don’t know about you but after the last year and a half I find myself seeing everything differently.I find myself reflecting more, appreciating more, evaluating what REALLY matters and longing to fill my days with more of THAT. I find myself looking for ways to brighten the homes and days of those I love and care for and I find myself constantly seeking ways to create a peaceful and joyful atmosphere around my home where I’ve found myself spending most of my time, amongst my people.

Our fresh cut subscription service was just a little idea I had that surprised us by taking on a life of its own, bringing joy, comfort and peace to others! It became a way for sons and daughters to send “love” to their elderly parents, for best girl friends to say "you are seen," and a way to brighten the days of front line workers. It allowed us to celebrate that last chemo treatment, show teachers how much we appreciate them, and commemorate that graduation ceremonies that couldn’t happen.

Amy Marconi - Be Fresh Flowers

There is just something about receiving that bundle of fresh cut stems and arranging them all around the house - with some even to spare for the neighbour - that people look forward to so much each month! It’s the smile that comes with the glimpse of blooms across the room or the smell when you open the front door that has this way of reminding us that we truly do, no matter what our circumstances, have so much to be grateful for.

It has been and would be my greatest honour to bring you and your loved one flowers. It’s a gift that keeps giving and a joy to give. It’s positivity and joy in your home - on repeat.

Let’s get you started!


Our Community

Amy Marconi

We started this business with a huge heart towards giving back to our community and this will always be our biggest, most important goal, and the thing that constantly drives us behind the scenes.

This past year we’ve been so privileged to support the following amazing organizations right here in Niagara:

  1. Provided fresh cut flowers, food and Starbucks to our ICU docs and nurses at Niagara Health System during the height of covid crisis
  2. Donated 100% of our Saturday market to Niagara Regional Native Centre. With the community’s help we were able to raise $5000
  3. Provided flowers for Gillian’s Place for their Mother’s Day brunch. It’s so hard to be in shelter over the holidays, we really wanted to make this day special for these moms.
  4. For many months of the year we delivered fresh cut flowers to a woman nominated by subscribers who was in need of some extra joy. These women were superstars with varying circumstances that made it so easy and heart warming to surprise them with a special delivery.
If you’d like to partner with us to support a local organization or you know of one that could benefit from our support, please connect with us below! We want to know what the needs are in our community and we love partnering with you in this way!


Do you have an organization we could partner with?

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